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Cut&Paste London Winners Announced

Cut&Paste London announced Colin Bigelow & Jay Harwood as the winning 2D/3D team and Steve West as the winner in Motion/Animation.

Announcement from Cut&Paste:

On April 26, 2012, Cut&Paste was back in London, but with a new special edition format. Congratulations to Colin Bigelow & Jay Harwood for being the winning 2D/3D team and to Steve West, the winner in Motion/Animation!

Concept Board for Colin Bigelow & Jay Harwood’s HEART OF LONDON

This year Cut&Paste combined its 2D and 3D competitions into a team format with three 2D/3D pairs, facing off in a three-round battle. Judge Charlie Sells of Jelly commented that “This... was a true geek fest!! Each team had very different strengths.” The Digital Design Tournament also featured its Motion/Animation competition with five 15-second videos that each competitor created in eight furious hours.

Special thanks to our tournament judges James Wignall of Mutant Hands, Thiago Maia of Cake, Mike Alderson of ManvsMachine, Lee Walker of Mainframe, Charlie Sells of Jelly, Edward Barrett of Animade, and to London's design community for casting their votes through Twitter & Facebook. At C&P London, there was an overwhelming sense of camaraderie & a unique respect for each designer.

"The best thing to see was the enthusiasm for design from competitors and audience alike." - Mike Alderson, ManvsMachine


“Design For Clean Water” Audience Design Challenge Powered by Adobe Ideas In a 15-minute offstage round, using an iPad and the Adobe Ideas app, audience members were challenged to sketch web banner concepts that represent an activity that anyone could do to raise money for clean water. The winner from all global entries to this competition, powered by Adobe, receives the opportunity to work on an upcoming charity: water campaign.

HP's "Mess With Jess" Audience Photo Design Challenge Cut&Paste London Sponsor HP hosted "Mess with Jess," a contest where audience members posed in a photo booth and were then given 10 minutes to add illustrations to the photo with a HP Z1 All In One Workstation. The full audience narrowed down the competition, and Nadeen White won Best Photo along with a HP Z1 Workstation.

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