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Curious Pictures Spins Discs For Lugz

Curious Pictures has wrapped on a new CGI spot for Lugz athletic shoes entitled "Pirate Radio." In the 30-second commercial, after the Lugz's Blue Man subverts the city power, the hero must avoid the electric company's thugs in order to run a pirate radio station for rooftop parties across the city. "In the Lugz spot, we created characters with a lot of personality surrounded by computer-animated environments that are rich and beautiful," said Chel White, Curious Pictures' director. "The result is a commercial that looks like something from a '50s feature, combining deep cinematic colors and computer animation." Richard Winker, Curious Pictures executive producer, said, "Chel is an artist and a storyteller. This is the third spot we have produced for the Lugz brand; we worked with agency Avrett Free and Ginsberg to tell a contemporary story using a new style of hyper-real animation. In addition, we hired a Marvel comics illustrator to help design the action, create dramatic camera angles and dynamic action."

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