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Curious Pictures Sets Up Remote Control Duel For Nickelodeon

Curious Pictures director Noble Jones combined live-action and special digital effects to produce MATRIX-inspired acrobatics and effects in a 45-second spot for Nickelodeon. "Remote-Trix" features a brother-sister duel over the remote control. As they each fight for control of the TV, the siblings tumble through the air, glide over furniture and walk across walls until they finally halt in mid-air, both gripping the remote in a CG-created freeze-time effect. The spot echoes both THE MATRIX and CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON with its stylish, martial-arts inspired effects. The live-action was shot in Toronto and all the digital effects were added in the Curious Pictures Digital department in New York. Nickelodeons creative director Niels Schuurmans was first inspired to create the spot after reading that THE MATRIX ranked among the top five favorite films for both boys and girls ages 8-20. "Nickelodeon strives to always remain relevant to our young audience and one strategy is to have fun using pop culture references," explained Schuurmans. "Noble and Curious did an excellent job making this film-inspired vision a reality for us." Jones primary objective was to create a spot that was hard-hitting and exciting for the viewer. "It was important to maintain the intensity of the movies we were alluding to, in order to make the necessary connection with fans," comments Jones. "The challenge was to do so in a format appropriate for television, and for children."