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Curious Hat Launches 'Eye Paint Animals' Mobile App

Mobile app developed by former DreamWorks execs offers children the opportunity to paint with the colors and textures of the real world.

San Francisco, CA --

Interactive and educational mobile application developerCurious Hat has launched its latest app, Eye Paint Animals. Founded in January 2012, Curious Hat produces innovative educational mobile applications for iPhone, iPad & Android for curious kids and explorers from 3-9 years.

The Eye Paint app series offers children the unique opportunity to create amazing illustrations alongside world-renowned artists. Through exploration and ingenuity, children are able to add their own personal touch to a range of wacky illustrations, making them their own.

Eye Paint Animals follows hot on the heels of PHLIP and Color Vacuum, the first of the Curious Hat applications unveiled earlier this year. The Curious Hat apps focus on the importance of engaging children with the environment, allowing them to express their creativity and sense of exploration.

The Eye Paint series uses the mobile device’s camera to capture colors, patterns and textures to interactively fill areas in the drawings with an organic range of shades, textures and features, such as  flowers or grass, a piece of furniture or even fur. The final result is a unique piece of art. Eye Paint is colorful, animated and extremely easy to use -- even for very young children.

Image“The best way for a child to learn about art, is to be a part of it,” says Curious Hat Creative Director, Nadia Andreini. “Eye Paint encourages children to explore and engage with the world around them, and enables them to create amazing illustrations, using their natural sense of creativity. Visual stimulation is essential for a child’s development and Eye Paint can play a key role in this. The Eye Paint series introduces children to the art of a wide range of illustrators with a fantastic mix of style and humor. "

 “This is a great way for kids (big ones too) to learn how the colors, textures and forms of their surroundings can be used to create the different colors, textures, and forms of a drawing. This is a truly inspired use of technology and design," said Scott Singer, Digital FX Supervisor of California-based Tippett Studio.

Eye Paint Animals features 20 original and humorous drawings from Giorgio Cavazzano, one of the most famous Italian illustrators. Eye Paint Halloween, which features the work of Italian illustrator, Francesco Chiacchio became available on the Apple App Store in October 2012 and is currently available free of charge. Further apps from the Eye Paint app series will be announced shortly, featuring the work of renowned artists from around the world, each bringing their own sense of style and culture.

Curious Hat is the brainchild of Luca Prasso and Erwan Maigret, both of whom are parents and seasoned professionals from the feature film production and software development industries. Their past film work, includes DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek film series, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon and Over the Hedge.

Eye Paint Animals from Curious Hat is now available as a Universal app on the Apple App Store at $0.99.

Source: Curious Hat

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