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Curious Hat Announces Eye Paint International

Curious Hat announces a multi-lingual version of Eye Paint Animals which offers children a fun way to learn about the theory of colors, as well as encouraging them to explore the world around them.

San Francisco, CA -- Curious Hat announces the availability of a multi-lingual version of their third app, Eye Paint Animals. Founded in January 2012, Curious Hat produces innovative educational mobile applications for iPhone, iPad & Android for curious kids and explorers from 3 to 9yrs.

The Eye Paint app series offers children the unique opportunity to create amazing illustrations alongside world-renowned artists. Through exploration and ingenuity, children are able to add their own personal touch to a range of wacky illustrations, making them their own.

Eye Paint Animals launched worldwide in early November 2012, and has already received wide-spread praise and rave reviews from users worldwide, as well as being featured on Apple sites internationally in their ‘New & Noteworthy’ apps selection. From this week, Eye Paint also becomes available in Chinese, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, Turkish & Portuguese, with other languages following shortly.

"Eye Paint Animals is awesome. It allows your kids to be creative AND get off the couch. It's more fun and inventive than the original box of crayons." Frederik Du Chau, Director/Writer/Animator/Visual Development Artist (USA)

"This app is out of the box thinking in its design. It's innovative and it stimulated a lot of creativity instantly in my child! I love the app myself. So fun. Worth every cent." Gwen Garris, Customer Experience | Human Resources (USA)

Eye Paint uses the mobile device’s camera to capture colors, patterns and textures to interactively fill areas in the drawings with an organic range of shades, textures and features, such as  flowers or grass, a piece of furniture or even fur. The final result is a unique piece of art. Eye Paint is colorful, animated and extremely easy to use - even for very young children.

Eye Paint Animals follows hot on the heels of PHLIP and Color Vacuum, the first of the Curious Hat applications, which were also unveiled earlier this year. The Curious Hat apps focus on the importance of engaging children with the environment, allowing them to express their creativity and sense of exploration.

Curious Hat is the brainchild of Luca Prasso and Erwan Maigret, both of whom are parents and seasoned professionals from the feature film production and software development industries. Their past film work, includes DreamWorks Animation’s ‘Shrek’ film series, ‘Madagascar’, ‘Kung Fu Panda’, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ and ‘Over the Hedge’.

Availability of Eye Paint International:

Eye Paint International from Curious Hat is now available in English, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese and Spanish as a Universal app on the Apple App Store at $0.99. To download the application, visit:  

Eye Paint Halloween (in English) is also available free of charge on the Apple App Store at:

Source: Curious Hat Inc.