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Cuppa Coffee Sets Up Distribution Arm

After many years of Cuppa Coffee Studio's series division doing largely work for hire, the Toronto-based studio is diversifying by creating and selling its own shows under its own distribution arm, Decaf Distribution.

"No one can better determine the fate of financing and how that fits with a shows creative than us," said Adam Shaheen, exec producer. He also cited an upward trend of independently owned companies, like Cuppa Coffee, moving away from big distributors to determine greater profitability and "better product" helped spur the move. Loretta Van Hart and Lalitha Poonasamy will help spearhead this effort at Decaf.

"We will always continue to do work for hire, if the project is right for us, but we have garnered a reputation of being a studio that brings a huge creative streak to our work that transcends what is expected from service studios, said Shaheen. We are excited about a series of projects coming up that Cuppa is negotiating directly with broadcasters."

Shaheen added, "For too long, the distribution business has thrived on a certain mystery and expertise. We have taken away the mystery and obtained the expertise. We are probably the second largest supplier of stop-motion animation in the world, so this is the natural evolution."

Cuppa Coffee ( is still involved with Broadway Video Enterprises, which has been handling distribution for Cuppa Coffee on two series, TED'S BED AND CINEMA SUE.

Decaf Distribution will make its first market debut at the upcoming MIP-TV in Cannes where it will also launch its new pre-school show, BRUNO.