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Cuppa Coffee Sees Double Nod to Nerdland Pilot

Cuppa Coffee Studios is celebrating what promises to be the "Year of the Nerd" now that the pilot episode of Nerdland has been selected as a finalist at two prestigious animation festivals: the Annecy International Film Festival and Cartoons on the Bay's Pulcinella Awards.

This represents the third nomination for the Canadian studio in the past four years at the Pulcinella Awards, having won previously for RICK AND STEVE and A VERY BARRY CHRISTMAS. The studio also won the Grand Prix award at Annecy for Best Educational Film with the pilot for SUPERWHY? in 2000.

Nerdland, a 22-minute pilot set to debut on TELETOON Detour this summer, follows the twisted misadventures of a group of pop-culture obsessed nerds who have chosen imagination and individuality over mainstream social acceptance. Drifting between fantasy and reality, this group doesn't just pursue their hobbies - they live them, leading to all kinds of comedic complications. While they don't always share the same interests, they are bonded by their common passion and an uncanny ability to find value in what is considered by others to be trivial.