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Crytek Brings Game Engine to Hochschule Darmstadt

Award-winning Frankfurt-based game developer Crytek GmbH is licensing its world-famous CryENGINE 2 to Germany's Hochschule Darmstadt. Beginning in the winter semester, Crytek not only will supply the software, but also will provide students with lectures on game concepts and game design, computer animation, and engine technology -- thus helping them develop innovative concepts for new games and realize them. In addition to being used for Games and Animation, the software will have application in the related fields of Video Production, Sound Technology and Interactive Media, enabling students, for example, to create nearly photorealistic virtual movie sets that can be manipulated in real time.

With its focus on Games and Animation, Hochschule Darmstadt is setting the goal of educating experts for the videogame industry in the center of the most important region for this activity, the Rhein-Main-District, and supporting training and research for a variety of innovations in the field of interactive entertainment.