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Crest Studio Gets More Animated

Crest Communication Ltd. (CCL) has been granted permission by the Indian government to change its name officially to Crest Animation Studios Limited (CASL). Crest decided to adopt the new identity as its business has seen a strategic shift from all non-animation related business vfx, post-production, studio, live-action film production and dubbing to concentrate solely on the computer animation.

"Having shifted focus from being a diversified media services player to a focused computer animation company, the last four years have been devoted solely toward building what's today one of Asia's leading computer animation studio, said Crest ceo A. K Madhavan. 'Crest' stands for the highest creative standards in the international markets and we are retaining that as our core identity."

During the annual general meeting held last month, shareholders passed the resolution to change the company name to Crest Animation Studios Ltd.

Crest started operations (in 1990) as an advertising commercial production house and then added a post-production studio. It built a formidable reputation as a highly creative and technologically savvy production house, winning many creative and technical awards in advertising. Crest was the first Indian company to bag an international Clio - an award honoring advertising and design excellence worldwide.

In early 2000, the company made a strategic shift in focus from domestic production to the computer animation business for the international markets. Crest strongly believed that its creative abilities and technological savvy could be coupled to build a strong, scalable and profitable business in the area of 3D animation. Crest did 3D animation for Mike Young Prods. on JAKERS! THE ADVENTURES OF PIGGLEY WINKS.

The past four years, Mumbai-based Crest ( has set about establishing itself as a reliable partner capable of delivering quality content to its clients in the U.S. Having made its presence in the television CGI space, the company is vying for the home video and theatricals market too. Crest acquired Richard Richs Rich Entertainment, which was renamed RichCrest Animation, Burbank, and it also has joint venture studio in Singapore.