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CreepSchool Tops Screenings at Record Setting MIPCOM Jr

With growing numbers of buyers, sellers and programs, MIPCOM Jr 2003s screenings (October 8 9) broke all viewing records since the shows launch in 1996. A total of 13,815 individual screenings were carried out by program buyers, a 15% increase compared with 12,052 last year. Previously, the highest number of screenings took place at MIPCOM Jr 2000 with 12,572 viewings. Sellers presented 738 programs this year (695 last year, +6%) including 339 titles presented for the first time ever (319 last year, +6%). 704 participants attended the event (685 last year, +2.77%). Below is a list of top 30 most screened programs:

1) CREEPSCHOOL - Alphanim (France), EM.TV & Merchandising AG (Germany), Happy Life Animation AB (Sweden)2) TUTENSTEIN - Buena Vista Intern. Television (U.K.), Porchlight Ent (U.S.A.)3) MY GOLDFISH IS EVIL - Sardine Prods (Canada)4) PEPPA PIG - Contender Ent (U.K.)5) SHAOLIN KIDS - Les Cartooneurs Associes (France)6) WINX CLUB Rainbow (Italy)7) HAIRY SCARY - Alphanim (France)8) FRANNYS FEET - Decode Ent. (Canada)9) DRAGON HUNTERS Futurikon (France)10) DUEL MASTERS - Entertainment Rights PLC (U.K.)11) FOUR EYES - Porchlight Ent (U.S.A.)12) BALI - Cine Groupe (Canada)13) CODE LYOKO - Antefilms International (France)14) MARTIN MYSTERY Marathon (France) 15) ALL GROWN UP - Nickelodeon/MTV (U.S.A.)16) THE BOY - Filmoption International Inc (Canada)17) SEASIDE HOTEL - Tele Images International (France)18) THE GNOUFS - Millimages UK (U.K.) 19) LOLA & VIRGINIA - Icon Animation (Spain)20) RIP XL - Icon Animation (Spain)21) ODD FAMILY - TF1 International (France)22) THE FARM Ellipsanime (France) 23) THE INFINITE DARCY - CyberGraphix Animation (U.S.A.)24) THE KOALA BROTHERS - Spellbound Entertainment Limited (U.K.)25) EBB AND FLO - VGI Entertainment Ltd (U.K.)26) GERMS Futurikon (France)27) KID PADDLE Dupuis (France)28) THE ADVENTURES OF LITTLE BROWN BEAR - Dargaud-Marina (France)29) THE ISLAND OF INIS COOL - Carlton International Media Ltd. (U.K.)30) FREAKS OF NATURE - Decode Ent. (Canada)

MIPCOM: International Film & Programme Market for TV, Video, Cable and Satellite is, with MIPTV, the leading International Television Program Market. MIPCOM 2002 featured 10,272 executives, 2721 companies including 1,190 exhibiting companies. MIPCOM and MIPCOM Jr are run by Reed MIDEM, an organizer of top-level international trade events in Cannes and overseas. Reed MIDEMs portfolio also includes MIPTV, MIPCOM Jr., MIPDOC (Television); MIDEM (Music); MILIA (Interactive Media); MIPIM; and MAPIC (Property). For more information, visit

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