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Creek & River Talent Management Company Opens New York Office

Creek & River America (C&R), a talent management company representing freelance creative artists and production and design firms, has opened its first North American office in New York. Creek & River America represents U.S.-based talent on behalf of its parent company, Tokyo-based Creek & River Co., Ltd., which currently represents more than 20,000 creative artists including directors, producers, cinematographers, animators, designers, illustrators, copywriters and photographers. Through its network in the Asia-Pacific region, Creek & River has provided talent to a roster of clients including Sega Enterprises, AOL Japan, Sony Pictures Television Japan, Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK), Sony Computer Entertainment, IBM Japan, Hitachi, Pioneer, Suntory, Dentsu, Hakuhodo, Fuji Telecasting, Fujitsu Learning Media, IMAGICA, Nikkei Video, Matsushita Electronics, Bandai and Asahi Broadcasting. "The guiding philosophy behind C&R is to improve the relationship that exists between freelance artists and clients that need people to design, manage and produce creative products," explained Christopher Bristow, CEO of the American operation. "C&R relieves freelancers of the twin burdens of the never-ending search for meaningful projects and the time-consuming effort of managing their businesses by bringing the work to them and by handling administrative tasks. We dont simply place them in positions. We offer ongoing education and training to develop their skills and help them achieve their creative potential." Creek & River was originally established in Japan by president and CEO Yukihiro Ikawa. A former freelance documentary director, Ikawa realized his dream to build a company that represents, supports and develops freelance creative talent. In addition to New York and Tokyo, Creek & River offices are located in Seoul, Taipei and Shanghai. For more information visit C&R America's Website at