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Creative Artists Agency To Rep Lara Croft

It's not the first time a 3D character has gone totally Hollywood (did you see SHREK at this year's Academy Awards?), but Lara Croft, the computer-generated star of the TOMB RAIDER franchise, can now say, "Get me my agent!" Is demanding her own trailer far behind? Los Angeles-based talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA), announced they have signed wealthy British treasure hunter Lara Croft for representation. Although Croft has previously been portrayed by various models and most notably actress Angelina Jolie, who starred in last summer's hit action film TOMB RAIDER (and is signed up for next year's sequel), CAA and TOMB RAIDER publisher Eidos have decided to give Lara Croft the representation befitting a successful brand. According to Paul Baldwin, VP of marketing at Eidos Interactive, "Lara is a person as well as a brand, with her own career and aspirations." In fact, here's what Lara herself has to say about this stunning turn of events, and why she waited so long to go public. "I've been busy," Croft said. "Traveling around the world and exploring ruins no one has seen in hundreds of years doesn't exactly leave me time to make public appearances. However, my mates from [game developer] Core and Eidos have convinced me to take some well-deserved time off. It's a great opportunity to explore uncharted territory in my career. Every adventure needs a guide and I think the blokes over at CAA are the perfect choice for this one." UmmOkay. Croft will make her public debut at E3 this week to promote the next TOMB RAIDER videogame for Playstation 2, LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER: THE ANGEL OF DARKNESS. (E3 Booth No. 1300, South Hall)