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Createasphere Launches TransVergence Summit

Createasphere launches a new conference in Los Angeles, New York and Amsterdam focusing on the convergence of technology, branding and storytelling.

Los Angeles, CA -- Createasphere is launching a new conference focusing on the convergence of technology, branding and storytelling in Los Angeles in the first quarter of 2013 with additional dates scheduled for New York and Amsterdam.

Dubbed the TransVergence Summit, each two-day event will explore the convergence of media, brands, intellectual property, marketing, technology and delivery in an evolving multiplatform ecosystem. The conference will offer interactive panel discussions, expert consultation opportunities, in-depth case study analysis, engaging demonstrations and keynote addresses. Attendees will learn about the emerging tools and strategies needed to successfully integrate and execute cross-platform and transmedia campaigns for maximum consumer engagement.

Noted transmedia expert and producer Kate McCallum is curating the TransVergence Summit, bringing a wealth of experience to this rapidly expanding area. She is supported by a group of industry luminaries, selected for their unique experience and perspectives, in guiding programming and direction of the content. (To learn more about the TransVergence Governing Council, visit

Createasphere President Kristin Petrovich Kennedy says, “Storytellers are increasingly empowered to engage audiences in new and compelling ways. While stories are and will always be the bedrock of engagement, technology is the driving force behind user interaction and new experiences across multiple platforms. Intertwining planning, strategy, management and implementation through all the current and future offerings has made transmedia an important concept to be understood and executed.”

Conference sessions will focus on the many facets of these powerful new techniques in advertising, television, cinema, mobile, gaming, publishing, and themed and live entertainment. Producers, content owners and distributors, programming and development executives, brand managers, corporate marketing professionals, game designers, cutting-edge technology companies and innovators that service the hypermedia ecosystem should not miss this event as an opportunity to discover and assess the current state of convergent media, new technologies, audience interaction and storytelling at its best. 

McCallum notes, “From second screen to games, apps and augmented reality, media is more immersive and interactive than ever. At the TransVergence Summit, some of the most intriguing and experienced professionals will be sharing the latest information, from freemium model successes or VOD failures and real-world knowledge about the next steps in bringing brands and stories to viewers in exciting, innovative ways. The possibilities of transmedia are almost limitless, but the TransVergence Summit is designed to help attendees make sense of the latest information and take away valuable insights.”

To complement and support the Summits, Createasphere is also launching an online component, the TransVergence Coalition, which will be developed as the leading community and information resource for experts in the field.

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Source: Createasphere