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CRCR Helps Create Super ID for Cartoon Network

French design collective CRCR collaborates with animators from around the world to create a new summer ID for Cartoon Network.

For its new summer station ID, kids' cable channel Cartoon Network enlisted the talents of French animation studio Wizzdesign and design collective CRCR. A collaboration with five other animators, each team was given ten seconds of music, four colors and tons Cartoon Network characters to work with.

The resulting 60 seconds are refreshing, fun and electric, the visual equivalent of having your favorite sweet cereal on a Saturday morning as a kid.

For their sequence, which begins at :30, CRCR chose to construct their own version of Voltron, a "super robot" made up of different Cartoon Network characters in robotic form, an idea definitely aimed to please the target audience.

"We especially wanted to address the kids so [we did] 10 seconds that were a little crazy and hyper dynamic and had a simple concept but was also a real reinterpretation of the characters."

The super robot concept is also an ingenious way of capturing the sprit of synergy that works so well in this collaboration of indie animators from all over the world.

Source: Wizzdesign

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