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CRCR Animates 2D Pulp Sci-Fi Short for C2C’s 'Delta'

French WIZZdesign animation collective CRCR returns with a pulp sci-fi video for C2C’s “Delta” animated in the style of Genndy Tartakovsky.

WIZZdesign animation collective CRCR (which made waves in the music video world with Lorn's "Ghosst(s)") is back with a new video for "Delta" by French turntablists C2C, off of the platinum-selling French album Tetra. The video, a pulp sci-fi film in the style of Genndy Tartakovsky, began with a single constraint: the triangle.

Starting from almost nothing, CRCR chose to create a universe in which this form would fit. Far beyond a simple exercise in graphic styling around a shape, CRCR integrated the triangle into something much more cinematic and narrative, and created a universe in which the triangle becomes a full-fledged character.  Not to mention it's a fantastical story with a perfectly executed ending.

When it comes to deciphering what it all means, that resides in the mind of the viewer.

Watch the video, below:

WIZZdesign, the animation company for Quad and home base for CRCR, oversaw the production.

Source: WIZZdesign

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