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Crater Software launching "satellite" versions of CTP 2D animation software

Crater Software, a Spanish-Canadian software development collaboration, announced plans to launch a series of "satellite" versions of CTP, the company's 2D animation software, at this years' Siggraph. The launch of four CTP Satellites - Paint, Scan, Render and the already-released Pencil-test - will coincide with the release of CTP Version 1.3, also being showcased at the show.

Further enhancements to CTP v.1.3 reaffirm Crater Software's commitment to providing a complete animation production toolbox within one affordable package. The total production program is intended for both individual freelancers and small to medium studios and production companies. CTP Satellites promise to offer still greater adaptability and to optimize creative efficiency for larger production structures.

Says Joe Alonso, Crater's VP Sales & Marketing: "Following the well-received launch of Crater Software's CTP Pencil-test Satellite in January 1999, our Paint, Scan and Render Satellites are ready-and-able to offer cartoon total production. We are frankly delighted to be able to offer such creative enhancements to an already powerful system. This is the beginning of some really fun times for freelancers and top production houses alike."

CTP Pro, the company's pinnacle system, will be significantly enhanced with the release of both the Satellites and v.1.3, which will incorporate some intriguing and compelling new features.

Crater Software develops 2D cel animation software for film and television production. Founded in 1998, the company's software solutions aim to dissolve creative and technological boundaries and enhance productivity while ensuring professional and artistic consistency. Crater Software's North American headquarters are in Montreal, Canada. International relations are conducted from Barcelona, Spain.

Further information and a fully-functional demo of CTP is available on the web at, together with the full user's guide. Crater Software can be reached in Europe: Tel: +34 93 285-7149 and in North America: Tel: +1 (514) 284-7771 or at