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CRASH+SUES Bring VFX To Bush Foundation’s NExT Teacher Campaign

CRASH+SUES (C+S) left its mark on a pair of commercials for The Bush Foundation’s NExT Teacher Program, which took home top honors in the Commercial Category at this month's 2011 Emmy Awards presentation.

Press Release from CRASH+SUES

Minneapolis – CRASH+SUES (C+S) left its mark on a pair of commercials for The Bush Foundation’s NExT Teacher Program, which took home top honors in the Commercial Category at this month's 2011 Emmy Awards presentation.  Padilla Speer Beardsley/Minneapolis, called upon the full-service company’s creative editorial, color correction, VFX, compositing and finishing services to help tell the story of two teachers who’ve had an impact on today’s young professionals and are inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.

Padilla Speer Beardsley, a Minneapolis public relations and marketing firm developed the creative concepts for the two :30 spots, ‘Mrs. Hanson’ and 'Mr. Adams,’ as part of an integrated campaign for the Bush Foundation designed to encourage young adults to consider a career in teaching.

“These spots originate from that special place in all our hearts where the name of a certain teacher is indelibly etched. One who has had a profound and positive impact on our lives. I have one of those names and I bet you do too. The impact these spots are having is fantastic and the Bush Foundation is receiving a lot of interest in the program and the 14 universities involved in this effort. Everyone involved in the production put extra care into making these great and I am so pleased with how they have turned out because they are beautiful and moving.” commented Dave Schad, executive creative director at Padilla.

Jan Selby of Quiet Island Films in St. Paul, Minnesota produced and co-directed the beautiful live-action spots with DP Jeff Stonehouse.  Both “Mr. Adams” and “Mrs. Hanson” follow the same format: Vignettes of young professionals at work as the hand-written name of their influential teacher hovers above their heads.  An architect, lab technician, pediatrician and businesswoman were all inspired by Mr. Adams, who glimpses into the classroom where his name is already hovering over a new crop of students.  A baker, TV reporter, warehouse manager and audio engineer have been similarly impacted by Mrs. Hanson who’s seen engaging her students in the classroom.

“We all had one.  A person who understood us, who inspired us to make a difference, who pushed us to be our best…One teacher can change hundreds of lives.  Are you ready to make your mark?  Are you ready to be a teacher?” asks the voiceover.

“Recruiting teachers is a noble pursuit, and the teams from Padilla and Quiet Island approached the spots with a reverent style that was at once nostalgic and fresh,” says editor Carrie Shanahan.  “Jan Selby did a phenomenal job of rounding up real-life talent, and Jeff Stonehouse brought his always gorgeous camera work to the vignettes.”

Before the shoot, C+S teamed with Quiet Films to establish a graphic approach for incorporating the teachers’ handwritten names in the scenes.  Mr. Adams’s name was taken from real handwriting on a dry-erase board on set while Mrs. Hanson’s name was on a traditional chalkboard.  3D artist Alex Engelmann helped develop the chalk penmanship; Shanahan keyed the names over select scenes in the rough cut, and SUE performed the color correction.  Flame artist Adam Celt animated the type to hovered over the characters then tracked and composited the names into the footage – a process that took considerable time and finessing.  “Jan and Jeff didn’t want the type to feel like it was solidly locked to the characters but rather integrated more organically into the scene,” Shanahan reports. The spots were finished by Smoke artist, Ryan Wheeler.

“When you see the spots you can’t help thinking of a teacher from your own life,” says Shanahan.  “But there’s definitely a forward-thinking vibe to the spots as well, which appeals to the Bush Foundation’s target audience.”

CRASH+SUES is an award-winning creative post and visual effects company specializing in the seamless integration of animation, FX, motion design, color correction, creative editing, finishing and multimedia services.  For additional information, contact executive producer Nathan Keech at 612.338.7947 or visit

CREDITS:CLIEN: Bush FoundationCATEGORY:  SpotTITLE/Lengths: “Mr. Adams,” : 30;  “Mrs. Hanson,” : 30

AD AGENCY: Padilla Speer Beardsley/MinneapolisProducer: Jan SelbyCreative Director: Dave SchadWriter: John RabuseAccount Director Tom JollieAccount manager: Madeline Riggs

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Quiet Island Films/St. Paul, MNDirector: Jan Selby with Jeff StonehouseDP: Jeff StonehouseProducer: Jan Selby

EDITORIAL COMPANY: CRASH+SUESExecutive producer: Heidi HabbenEditor: Carrie Shanahan

FX /ANIMATION / POST COMPANY: CRASH+SUESExecutive Producer: Heidi HabbenColorist: SUE (Digital Vision’s Nucoda Film Master)Junior Colorist: Todd IsaacsOnline Editor: Ryan Wheeler (Autodesk Smoke)Online Assistant: Matthew Kroese (Mac)Animator: Alex Engelmann (Autodesk Maya)Motion Designer: Adam CeltArtist: Adam Celt (Autodesk Flame)

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