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Cramp Twins Artificial Snot Coming To A Store Near You!

Loonland Merchandising has signed licensing agreements with several companies to manufacture and distribute merchandise based on the TV-Loonland property CRAMP TWINS. Distribution Network Company (DNC), creator of merchandise for shows like THE SIMPSONS, SOUTH PARK and STAR TREK, will be producing apparel based on the slick look of Lucien and Wayne Cramp, while DNC subsidiary Trademark Toys is creating toys only a Cramp Twin could love including water guns, boxing gloves, artificial slime and artificial snot. Other new CRAMP TWINS licensees are Clifton Bay for CRAMP TWINS gift sets and The TMI Group, which will produce other apparel and a line of sleepwear. Loonland Merchandising aims to have all products in stores for Christmas 2002.