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Craft Director Tools Now Compatible With Mac

Craft Director Tools are now compatible with Mac OSX Tiger and Leopard. Go to to download the Mac-compatible version.

Craft's software is used by Columbia Pictures, Toyota, Lockheed Martin and Johns Hopkins University. The uses run from forensic animations to architectural visualizations to high-end vfx. Recently Craft Director Tools were used in the film GET SMART. Read more about that project and the CG airplane that was animated with Craft software.

Craft Animations develops and markets Craft Director Tools, a series of plug-ins for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya. Craft Director Tools help users create process-driven animation, popularly referred to as "desktop mocap." This ground-breaking technology, based on cutting edge Swedish Research results into neural networking, artificial intelligence and autonomous control systems, simulates the complex physical behavior of, for example, helicopters, cars, airplanes, boats and more.

Craft Animations is based in Goteborg Sweden, with offices in Los Angeles.