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Crackle Premieres Three Original Web Series And New C-Spot Line-up

Sony Pictures Ent. online video network Crackle will this summer release nine original series that encompass a variety of genres from comedy to music to gaming and lifestyle.

There's something for everyone in Crackle's new slate of short-form programming. For the gaming and pop culture community, Hollywood glitz meets gamer geekdom in THE JACE HALL SHOW, hosted by film, television and video game producer Jason "Jace" Hall.

In the comedy genre, new shows include the original comedy series PURPLE ONION Season Two, featuring stand-up from today's funniest acts, and six original short form scripted series as part of C-SPOT.

C-SPOT -- On June 16, the second 13-week season of Sony Pictures Television's comedy channel will debut with the return of THE ROADENTS and five new original series including THE RASCAL, THAT GUY, OWEN BENJAMIN PRESENTS, COMEDY GUMBO and MR. JUSTICE & POWERFUL GIRL.

For music lovers, there's the TAKE-AWAY SHOWS, the highly-anticipated series from Parisian music video director Vincent Moon just off the heels of his recent R.E.M. and Arcade Fire videos.

"Crackle kicks into high gear this summer as we release a slew of hot new shows we've been developing this year, giving our audience creative original programming including appearances from familiar celebrities like Greg Proops, Christina Milian, Wilmer Valderama and Greg Grunberg," said Jonathan Shambroom, GM of Crackle. "This diverse, high quality programming offers something for everyone -- from comedy fans to game enthusiasts to music lovers -- which makes Crackle stand out when it comes to original programming."

Highlights from the summer's line-up include:


This 13-part short-form lifestyle series created and hosted by film, television and videogame producer Jason "Jace" Hall, is now available on Crackle. The show offers a sneak peek into the ever melding entertainment and gaming world with a mix of stunts and interviews with film, TV, music and videogame icons, and will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the hottest game developers. From pop culture fanatics to avid game enthusiasts, THE JACE HALL SHOW offers something for everyone. Among the anticipated segments are a special glimpse at Duke Nukem Forever, a gaming face off with Zachary Levi, the star of NBC's hit series CHUCK, and an indoor skydiving and shooting challenge with Gears of War creator Cliff "Cliffy B" Bleszinski. The show is produced by HDFILMS. Check it out:


World-renowned auteur music video director Vincent Moon brings his original music series exclusively to Crackle. The TAKE-AWAY SHOWS takes an intimate look at some of the world's most exciting bands like Bodies of Water, Walkmen, Rosebuds, Rock Plaza Central and more. Broken out into four seasons, the series includes more than 40 new and exclusive videos performed by today's most cutting edge bands. Each video is shot in an unexpected location such as an elevator, rainy city street or inside a New York City cab. Moon has gained fame shooting videos for R.E.M., Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear and Beirut among others. Check it out:


The PURPLE ONION is the high church of San Francisco comedy, a place where comics young and old preach the good (and bad) word of standup. Crackle is the exclusive online home to this venerable venue, which has hosted such luminaries as Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce, and Robin Williams. PURPLE ONION Season Two mixes standup giants like Greg Proops and Patton Oswalt with the funniest, most envelope-pushing young comics in the country. In other words, it's standup history in the making. Check it out:

C-SPOT Season Two

In its second 13-week season, C-SPOT will feature the following six series with new episodes premiering every week on their respective day on Crackle:

-- THE RASCAL (Mondays) is an action packed over-the-top comedy starring Jay Rondot as a small time criminal who attempts to graduate to the big leagues by selling nuclear fusion secrets to the highest bidder. Using any means necessary, his twin brother (also played by Rondot) leads the federal government's manhunt to thwart his efforts. Rondot and Ross Novie created and executive produce THE RASCAL. The web series is produced by Rondovie Industries.

-- THAT GUY (Tuesdays) is a new comedy web series that utilizes uncomfortable humor (a la THE OFFICE) about ... well, that guy. Do you know the guy who talks way too loudly on his cell phone? Or the one who takes way too long to order? The guy who wears a cowboy hat to every party? Or even better, the guy who can insult everyone he makes small talk with at a dinner party? Then you know That Guy. Matt Vascellaro and Kent Haines created and exec produce the web series. THAT GUY is produced by Vascellaro/Haines.

-- OWEN BENJAMIN PRESENTS (Wednesdays) encompass a combination of How-To segments, music videos, and other online vignettes from actor/comedian/Internet video genius Owen Benjamin. While How-To guides may come a dime-a-dozen, they rarely address topics that one can apply to awkward real-life situations. Benjamin offers his own unique take and expertise in successfully dealing with uncomfortable situations that range from "How to get your one-night-stand to leave" to "How to tell your friend he has bad breath" and "How to fake a talent," among others. Additionally, Benjamin makes his parents proud by putting his musical talents (and real-life training as a classical pianist) to good use in hilarious music videos that showcase his original songs. The web series was created and is executive produced by Owen Benjamin, and is produced by Owen Benjamin, Inc.

-- THE ROADENTS (Thursdays) is the returning web series best described as THE ODD COUPLE meets EASY RIDER for the YouTube generation. This 2D and 3D animated-hybrid, improvisational comedy series centers on two guinea pigs, Pee Pee and Buttercup, that hit the road in a 1983 Winnebago. THE ROADENTS is exec produced by Kelli Bixler and produced by Kristofer Updike. The web series is produced by Bix Pix Ent.

-- COMEDY GUMBO (Fridays) is a new sketch show made especially for those who don't have time to watch a sketch show. Commercial parodies, bizarre characters, short films, sketches, and one-off jokes comprise each 2-4 minute hysterical episode that you just have to see to understand. Comedy Gumbo was created and is executive produced by Payman Benz and Sean Becker. Ten episodes of the web series are produced by Awkward Pictures.

-- MR. JUSTICE & POWERFUL GIRL (weekends) is a new reality-comedy web series that documents the benevolent efforts of two superheroes who give unsolicited help to strangers in need. While some might describe their missions as ridiculous, these two make every effort to better society one small task at a time. MR. JUSTICE & POWERFUL GIRL was created by Ross McCall and Aaron Peters. The web series is produced by their production company, Whiteboard Ent.