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Cosgrove Hall Films Has New Programming For MIP TV

Cosgrove Hall Films, Europe's largest and most prolific animation company is set to unveil an exciting slate of programming at MIP TV 2008.

New programming launching at the market includes innovative home-grown animation; ROGER TO THE RESCUE, EDDIE RETRACTORHEAD and MY NEIGHBOUR IS AN EVIL GENIUS!

Created in-house in Toon Boom Harmony, ROGER TO THE RESCUE is a 52 x 10 minute series aimed at the 3-6 year old demographic.

Roger may seem like just another ordinary boy, but when there is trouble on Puffin Island, our young hero drops everything, and it is ROGER TO THE RESCUE.

From his bedroom on top of the old lighthouse that Roger and his unsuspecting Dad call home, Roger and his trusty friends Tula, Clunk and Howler keep watch over the island and its community.

And when there's trouble brewing and Roger's transmitter watch takes the call, it's a dash home, a speedy change and it's ROGER TO THE RESCUE.

Aimed at the 7-10 year old demographic, EDDIE RETRACTORHEAD is a 52 x 11 animated series produced in Flash.

TV star and blogger, EDDIE RETRACTORHEAD has already caused a stir with broadcasters and CHF recently concluded an agreement with Nickelodeon UK for a series of 10 x 1 interstitials which will air exclusively on Nickelodeon UK in 2008.

Kids will laugh their bums off and thrill to the crazy adventures of EDDIE RETRACTORHEAD. Half space snot stuff and half pie, there's no one like Eddie. With his best friend Blam Blob, Eddie tries to find fame, be weird and get into as many fixes as a space pie guy can handle. Oh, and he can suck his head in to his neck as well. What's not to like!? It takes a lot of practice to get this stupid.

MY NEIGHBOUR IS AN EVIL GENIUS is a brand new 52 x 10 minute series aimed at 7-11 year olds. Produced in Toon Boom Harmony, MY NEIGHBOUR IS AN EVIL GENIUS is comic tale of espionage, surveillance and high octane action that just happens to take place over a garden fence in a sleepy suburban town.

After moving into the seemingly ordinary town of Hokey Hill, Kirk Carter discovers that the boy next door, Viktor Strange, is in fact an evil genius.

Giant laser shooting robots, genetically modified vampire vegetables and a host of other terrifying occurrences are all Viktor's work. Kirk's sure of it but how does he do it, and how can he be stopped?

Kirk makes it his mission to expose Viktor Strange for the evil genius he is and save Hokey Hill from being his first step on the road towards world domination -- and nothing, not mum, not dad nor little sister Emily, will get in the way.

Kirk's only problem is that Viktor is a master of subterfuge, bluff and double bluff. His alibis are Teflon-coated and if Kirk didn't monitor Viktor's movements in every spare second of the day even he might believe that Viktor was just a normal quiet kid next door.

Kirk then faces a lone crusade, locked in titanic battle of wits he must be ever vigilant and ever aware for who knows what dastardly plot Viktor will come up with next to rule the world!

For further information on Cosgrove Hall Films and its new properties visit MIP TV stand LR3.05

Cosgrove Hall Films is Europe's largest and most prolific animation company and one of only a few studios in the world with the ability to produce all three types of animation (drawn/2D, stop-motion puppet and CG) under one roof.