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Cosgrove Hall Films Founding Partner Retires

Cosgrove Hall co-founder Mark Hall has followed in his partner s (Brian Cosgrove) footsteps, announcing his official retirement, July 17, 2003, from the company he started 27 years ago in Manchester, England. He helped make the company into one of the most prolific animation studios in the world and a winner of numerous international and national awards including six BAFTAs and three International Emmys.

Hall talked about his studio's beginnings during a farewell reception at the studio: "Both Brian and I were working at Granada, and, after many late nights and early mornings working on our own projects in Brians garden shed, we formed our first company, Stop Frame Animations. Then, in 1976, we began Cosgrove Hall and moved into an old tobacco warehouse in Chorlton where the studios remain. Obviously it's been added onto and now houses three stop-motion studios along with drawn and CGI departments.

"I am sad to leave it all behind," Hall continued. "Its been an incredible lifetimes work, but happy to have been a part of such a fantastic team and eager to watch the studios move into the next phase with great projects and programs, including ENGIE BENJY, remaking POSTMAN PAT for Entertainment Rights and working with BBCi on the animated DR. WHO.

Cosgrove Hall has produced generations of childrens favorites in the U.K., from DANGERMOUSE, CHORLTON AND THE WHEELIES and the beautiful adaptation of THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS, right up to the more recent remakes of ANDY PANDY, BILL & BEN and the funky new ENGIE BENJY and LITTLE ROBOTS. The studio was acquired by ITEL, which ultimately became part of Granada, where the partners first met up and decided to launch their own company.

Cosgrove and Hall, both skilled and talented director/producers, leave a legacy of productions enjoyed by generations of families. They have encouraged and trained animators, writers, editors and directors working in the U.K., Europe and North America.

I cant quite believe that time has gone so fast and I suppose Ive kind of gone full circle now Im back in the garden shed with my oil paints and a lot of fabulous memories Hall concluded.