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Cosgrove Hall Discovers My Neighbour Is An Evil Genius

Cosgrove Hall Films is set to unveil a new production at MIPCOM Jr. MY NEIGHBOUR IS AN EVIL GENIUS is a new 52x10 minute series aimed at kids 7-11. Produced in Toon Boom Harmony, MY NEIGHBOUR IS AN EVIL GENIUS is comic tale of espionage, surveillance and high-octane action that just happens to take place over a garden fence in a sleepy suburban town.

After moving into the seemingly ordinary town of Hokey Hill, Kirk Carter discovers that the boy next door, Viktor Strange, is an evil genius. Giant laser shooting robots, genetically modified vampire vegetables and a host of other terrifying occurrences are all Viktor's work, Kirk's sure of it but how does he do it, and how can he be stopped?

Anthony Utley, Managing Director, Cosgrove Hall Films, said, "We are extremely excited by MY NEIGHBOUR IS AN EVIL GENIUS, a hilarious series which has the perfect combination of strong storylines, engaging characters and buckets of humor which will entertain the 7-11 demographic. We strongly believe that MY NEIGHBOUR IS AN EVIL GENIUS has the potential to become a global brand and we look forward to meeting potential co-producers and distributors at MIPCOM."

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