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Corporate Circus Comes to NATPE Producer's Boot Camp

Adela JPs (Adela Josue Polin) book, THE CORPORATE CIRCUS, will be pitched as an animated series at the NATPE TV Producers Boot Camp, July 29-30, 2004, as both an adult animation show and as an animated interstitial in an office live-action sitcom. In addition to the book, the properties product line includes 15 office humor plush toys and an illustrated comical corporate Org Chart poster, which premiered at the New York Licensing International Show, London Brand Show and PPAI/ASI Shows in Las Vegas.

Regarding licensing, Sariah Smalley, president of Keyline Licensing, added, The universal and instantly recognizable workplace events and personalities familiar to just about everyone in the workplace are cleverly encapsulated in THE CORPORATE CIRCUS, and we are confident this adult targeted brand will capture trade support and consumers imaginations."Adela JP said, " In writing and creating the story, I hoped to tap into common concepts familiar to most office workers who can respond to and appreciate the exaggerated humorous portrayal of office life depicted in THE CORPORATE CIRCUS book. The story is taking an imaginative fantasy look at employees behavior familiar to anyone who has worked in a structured organization. THE CORPORATE CIRCUS hopes to relieve some of the boredom common in the workplace by helping employees connect with their uninhibited creative inner kid through the utilization of animated office humor characters as office toys to have fun with or as play module or device to dramatize common organizational behavior issues. From employee motivation seminars and other training tools, to an entertaining office soap-opera television series or movie concept for adults (and/or children), THE CORPORATE CIRCUS has unlimited possibilities."Characters include:* Ring Master, the fearless "boss" whose clown face belies his tough management style.* Cat, a secretary with unspoken power in the company, is the protector of her boss.* Gopher, the happy-go-lucky mail clerk.* Gorilla, the Research &Development genius creates and designs products and ideas.* Lion, the King marketing guru who regally and flamboyantly carries out his work.* Bull, the sales head whose persistent aggressiveness powers the company forward.* Owl, a fussy accountant who works late as both "bean counter" and party "night owl."* Horse, an operations head whose dependable workers are the companys backbone.* Vulture, the lawyer who defends the company and cleans up any corporate mess.* Laughing Hyena, the customer service joker who handles customer frustrations.* Bug, a reclusive computer support kid-like manager who enjoys computer games.* Octopus, the human resources manager who reaches into all areas to enforce policies.* Kangaroo, the purchasing executive with a powerful kick and deep money pouch.* Snake, a genderless calculating troublemaker whose sneaky ways are to be avoided.* Rat, the gossiper whose dubious, tricky methods are irritatingly troublesome

The Corporate Circus Inc., headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, owns and has created all intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patents and trademarks, including characters, artwork, illustrations, designs and books involving THE CORPORATE CIRCUS characters and publishing. More information can be found at

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