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Corel And Adobe Get Flashy

This week both Corel and Adobe announced that they were adding support for

Macromedia Flash to some of their flagship products. Adobe will be adding

support for Flash to their popular web development tool GoLive, which means

that Adobe users should be able to easily integrate Flash animation into

their existing GoLive projects. Corel also announced that it would be

adding support for Flash to Corel LINUX and CorelDRAW 9. Corel LINUX will

be the first Linux OS to include the Macromedia Flash Player as a standard

component. With the inclusion of the Flash Player in Corel's Linux

distribution, users will automatically be able to view Flash content on the

Web without having to download a player. Corel will also develop a

CorelDRAW exporter for Flash so that users can make use of their existing

CorelDRAW work and bring it into Flash to add animation and interactivity.

With two major players in the computer graphics industry embracing Flash

technology, Macromedia must be very proud to see their baby becoming a

standard in Web interactivity.

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