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Convergence Backwards: TV's Kung Fu Hits Net

In convergence gone backwards, a TV property is moving to the Internet. On November 15, 2000, Time Warner-owned Entertaindom launched the 3D animated Webseries KUNG FU 3D, based on the classic TV series, KUNG FU, starring David Carradine. The series features Carradine voicing his character Kwai Chang Caine. Throughout this new Web serial, 30-year-old Caine lives by and upholds the spiritual beliefs that have driven him to condemn violence and force. Clyde Kusatsu (AMERICAN PIE, BABYLON 5: THIRDSPACE, BATMAN BEYOND) will voice Master Po, the beloved teacher and mentor from Caine's childhood, while Tim Lounibos (THE PRACTICE, TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL) provides the voice of Caine as a teenager. A new installment will premiere each Wednesday for the next 12 weeks. The series is being produced for Warner by Pulse Entertainment. Visitors to can participate in various interactive features, including character bios and games. "The timeless appeal of this acclaimed television series makes it a perfect property for online interpretation," said Kevin Tsujihara, executive vice president, New Media, Warner Bros. "With KUNG FU 3D, we're exposing a whole new generation to the 'Kung Fu' legend while offering up a new chapter in the saga for long-time fans to enjoy." Fred Angelopoulos, CEO of Pulse Entertainment, said, "Pulse could not ask for a more exciting partnership than working with Entertaindom and Warner Bros. Television on updating this legendary television series for the Internet. What's equally exciting is that this project truly takes full advantage of Pulse's seamless integration and our highly interactive, engaging rich media capabilities."

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