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Controversial Cartoon Airs On SNL's TV Funhouse!

The January 26, 2002 episode of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, a rebroadcast of a November 2001 Gwyneth Paltrow-hosted show, will contain a new, never-before-aired cartoon by Wachtenheim/Marianetti Animation. "Harry the Embryonic Stem Cell," written by Robert Smigel and Louis C.K., is a humorous look at the debate surrounding this contentious issue. Designed and animated by Wachtenheim/Marianetti, the piece also spoofs Britney Spears. If you have ever wondered what a right-wing, Christian Coalition cartoon might look like, be sure to catch this episode of SNL! The censors originally wanted the toon to air after 12:30 am due to its controversial nature, but it will play during the first half-hour of the show.