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Concept Designers James Clyne and Neville Page Join Gnomon

Concept design luminaries James Clyne and Neville Page will be teaching two new courses at Gnomon School of Visual Effects during the spring 2006 term, which begins April 3. Clyne has developed and will teach Environment Workflow Techniques, while Pages course is Character Workflow Techniques. Both courses are five weeks in length.

Environment Workslow Techniques will be held Tuesday evenings from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm, April 4 through May 2. Character Workflow Techniques will follow on Tuesdays from May 9 through June 6. Tuition for each course is $850. Registration is now in process and may be done online, via mail or in person.

Environment Workflow Techniques: The need for digital photo-quality rendering and design for feature film production has become essential to the visual development of any large production. In the film industry, Adobe Photoshop is the foremost software package today for 2D Pre-production artwork, allowing the most versatility. From basic sketch compositions of set props to full photo manipulation for matte painting and set design, this course offers a wide variety of techniques, including sketching in the computer, quick-render ideation, tool shortcuts, set lighting and photoreal rendering.

Character Workflow Techniques walks through the character production process from script interpretation through developing a concept, doing research and then into the design process. In addition to demonstrations of traditional skills, the class covers a contemporary workflow, including Photoshop and ZBrush. Topics include script interpretation and character performance considerations, development techniques, methodology and drawing, using the 3 R's: Research, Retain and Respond, refinement of concepts, rendering in value, presentation techniques, Photoshop illustration, final design and final presentation and ZBrush modeling and texturing.

Clyne has provided conceptual designs for environments, sets, props, matte paintings and vehicles for such feature film projects as AI-ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, MINORITY REPORT, THE POLAR EXPRESS, TROY, Jim Cameron's BATTLE ANGEL ALITA, X-MEN 3 and WAR OF THE WORLDS. He began his professional career as a concept artist and storyboard artist for special effects houses such as Digital Domain and Rhythm & Hues. His first film work was on Terry Gilliam's FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS. He attended the University of California at Santa Barbara in Fine Art and Painting and Art Center College of Design in Industrial Design major focusing on entertainment design.

Page is an independent design consultant whose clients include Jakks Pacific Toys, BMW Designworks/USA, Mattel Toys, Nike, Rock Shox, Universal Studios' MEN IN BLACK-THE RIDE, Twentieth Century Fox, Fiat; and the feature films MINORITY REPORT, PLANET OF THE APES and X-MEN 2. He is assistant chair of Product Design at Art Center College of Design. Besides Gnomon, Page also teaches at Otis College of Art and Design. He holds a BFA with honors in Product Design from Art Center College of Design.

Gnomon School of Visual Effects ( specializes in training for careers high-end computer graphics for the entertainment industries. Located in the heart of Hollywood, it offers a full curriculum for individuals wanting careers in 3D, professionals in need of specialized training and custom training for production studios. The Gnomon curriculum has been approved by the Alliance for Digital Production Trainers (ADEPT), whose members include training managers from studios, including Rhythm & Hues Studios, Cinesite, DreamWorks and Sony Pictures Imageworks. Founded by Alex Alvarez in 1997, Gnomon is located at 1015 North Cahuenga Boulevard, Suite 5430i, Hollywood, California, 90038.

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