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Computercafe Drops A Bomb For Impostor

Santa Monica-based effects studio Computercafe created a "living" bomb that is extracted from a human body for the upcoming Dimension Films release IMPOSTOR. Computercafes primary visual effects contribution to the film was the 3D organic bomb featured in three scenes. Because the bomb is found nestled in the chest cavity of a human host, art director Ron Honn, animation supervisor Taron and digital effects supervisor David Ebner designed the device to resemble an internal organ. "The final design consists of an outer muscle much like a human heart, with an internal bony structure," Honn explained. "The bones function like a rib cage but are also segmented like a spine. That allows the bomb to flex. The end bones are sharp and tipped." In the film, the bomb is forcibly removed from the hosts chest cavity by means of a clamping drill. As the bomb is pulled free, the bones rip open the protective outer muscle, exposing its inner core. Without the host to give the bomb life, it fizzles, jerking and contorting until it "dies." "The modeling, texturing and animation work together perfectly, so that the bomb appears to be a living creature, rather than a CG creation," concluded Ebner. "The textures have the qualities of real tissue; the blood pumping from the wound has a feeling of thick wetness. Its definitely a horrid moment in the film." IMPOSTOR is based on the Philip K. Dick story about a scientist who suddenly finds himself public enemy number one and suspected of being an alien. It opens on January 4, 2002.