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Computer Animation Studios In Ontario Form CASO Assoc.

The Computer Animation Studios of Ontario (CASO) has been formed to address the issues and opportunities of computer animation studios in Ontario. There are an estimated 50 studios in the Canadian province that produce computer animation and visual effects for feature films, television programs and television commercials. These studios employ anywhere from a few to hundreds of employees who use the latest in computer equipment and software to create world leading animation and digital visual effects. CASO will be the first single source of information about the computer animation industry in Ontario and will provide government relations, business information, industry research and other resources to its members.

Ron Estey, founding president of CASO says, For the past few decades, Ontario has been a recognized leader in the production of computer animation for feature films, television and commercials. CASO will be a single voice addressing the many issues of operating computer animation studios in the province to governments, educators and related industry groups.

A primary objective of the association will be to encourage export trade in animation for Ontario studios. Dennis Berardi, founding vp of CASO adds, As more and more studios around the world vie and compete for projects, it is critical to the continued success of Ontario studios to have a strong and unified association that will advance and improve our global competitiveness.

CASOs board of directors includes Jon Campfens of Switch VFX, Frank Falcone of Guru Animation, Laurie McLean of March Ent., Paul Moyer of Optix Digital Pictures, Tom Turnbull of Rocket Science VFX and Neil Williamson of Invisible Pictures.

The association will operate from offices in Toronto under the management of exec director, Chris Stockwell who may be contacted by phone at (416) 207-9142 or via email at Stockwell@casont.ont .