Composer James Venable Scores The Powerpuff Girls Movie

Composer James Venable will be going into the studio this month to score Cartoon Network's first feature THE POWERPUFF GIRLS MOVIE, which opens July 3, 2002. The film, directed by Craig McCracken, is based on the television series that chronicles the adventures of girl superheroes. The score incorporates both orchestral and electronic compositions. Venable is best known for scoring THE POWERPUFF GIRLS television series on the Cartoon Network, which also features a blend of traditional orchestral sound and non-orchestral techno. Music plays a large part in the series with over 500 minutes of score written for the show, running the gamut from classical to hip hop to heavy metal. Venable was recently rewarded for his work on the series when he won the 2001 Annie Award for Best Score. In addition to THE POWERPUFF GIRLS, Venable currently scores Cartoon Network's action series SAMURAI JACK.