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Company 3 Takes Two

Santa Monica-based visual effects house Company 3 has hired Henry artist and visual effects supervisor Alex Brodie and visual effects producer Christine Carr. Both arrive from 525 Post Production, which curtailed operations in December. Brodie has a list of high profile credits in music videos and commercials including recent efforts like the Garbage music video "Cherry Lips," which featured an "invisible" band. In the spot, Brodie removed the bands heads and limbs to make it appear as though empty suits were playing guitars and other instruments. "Although the band were wearing green suits and the director supplied us with clean plates, the backs of their clothes were missing," Brodie recalled. "I had to paint in sections of fabric, track them to the live-action and work very carefully to get them to move with a natural flow." Brodie was born in England and is a graduate of Ravensbourne College of Design located outside London. He began his career as a Harry artist with The Mill, London, and later joined FrameStore. At FrameStore, he was part of the visual effects team that won Emmy Awards for Outstanding Visual Effects for Hallmark Home Entertainments mini-series THE ODYSSEY and the BBC documentary WALKING WITH DINOSAURS. He also earned credits on scores of commercials for such advertisers as Nike, British Airways, Haagen-Dazs and the British bank Halifax. Christine Carr has more than five years experience as a producer and post-production supervisor. After working as a freelance post supervisor for several years through visual effects houses, editorial companies and production companies, Carr took a staff position at 525 in 2001, where she worked closely with Brodie, producing all of his assignments. Company 3 was founded in 1997 by Stefan Sonnenfeld and Mike Pethel to focus on telecine services and visual effects. The company has recently expanded its services to include feature film projects with recent credits on PEARL HARBOR, ALI, BLACK HAWK DOWN and SPY GAME.