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Company 3, Method Studios Enter Into Partnership

Company 3 and Method Studios have announced a unique, collaborative partnership to provide clients around the world with a full spectrum of state-of-the-art post production services. Company 3 Co-Founder/Colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld and Method Co-Founder/VFX Supervisor Alex Frisch saw a need for combined, solutions-based services ranging from color correction for commercials/music videos, digital camera capture, feature VFX to feature film digital intermediate (DI), which led them to form this innovative partnership.

The impetus for this partnership, said Sonnenfeld, is an ever-changing, global economic landscape. "We understand our clients' need to change course on how they approach and complete projects. Our goal is to provide clients with what they need anywhere they may be working."

Company 3 and Method now have a presence in Tokyo as well through their new partner: Digital Garden. On November 3, Method Studios will open their New York office at Company 3's current New York location. Early next year, Company 3 and Method will move their NY teams into a new building in Chelsea with each company occupying its own floor.

According to Sonnenfeld, the partnership is an alliance of two award-winning and talent-driven companies. "This is the perfect match of complementary, yet not competitive services." Frisch said, "We are combining the talent, technology and service that clients require with high-end creative results." The partnership will give clients the opportunity to work anywhere around the world with any artist at Company 3 or Method whether in studio or via remote sessions.

Company 3 revolutionized the postproduction industry a decade ago when it took the art and craft of color correction into a boutique environment. Today, focused on high-quality creative results, Company 3 is synonymous with many of today's award-winning commercials, music videos, and feature films. Currently, Company 3 is translating its fine-tuned expertise in feature film DI (digital intermediate), color correction and final finishing to commercials and advertising.

In addition to Sonnenfeld, Company 3's talent roster includes John Bonta, Sean Coleman, Siggy Ferstl, Billy Gabor, Dave Hussey, Tim Masick, Victor Mulholland, Stephen Nakamura, Mike Pethel, Tom Poole, Rob Sciarratta and Matt Turner. Recent commercial projects are campaigns for: Apple, Nike, BMW, Travelers Insurance, and Heineken. Recent feature film credits include: TRANSFORMERS, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3, 300, DREAMGIRLS, and RUSH HOUR 3.