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Company 3 Hires VFX Editor Doolittle

Extending its capabilities in feature film post-production, Santa Monica-based Company 3 has hired visual effects editor and artist Rob Doolittle. Doolittle, who previously collaborated with Company 3 on BAD BOYS II, has broad experience in designing and executing VFX for features. Formerly an applications specialist with visual effects hardware manufacturer Quantel, Doolittle also is a leading expert in that company's Generation Q projects used in on-lining for film and high resolution video projects.

"Company 3 is committed to being a leader in promoting the digital intermediate process and digital imaging for feature films," said Company 3 president Stefan Sonnenfeld. "Both through his skills as an artist and through his great technical knowledge, Rob will help us to realize that goal." Sonnenfeld added that Doolittle will focus on editing and VFX work for films and film trailers. He will also assist the company in planning its further growth as a provider of post-production services for feature films.

Doolittle had been with Quantel since 2002, providing training and systems integration services to buyers of Generation Q systems worldwide. In that capacity, he assisted Company 3 last summer with its work for BAD BOYS II, using a Quantel IQ system to edit the film's theatrical trailer.

Doolittle's background also includes five years as an effects editor with Digital Domain. He served as visual effects editor on numerous films, INCLUDING HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS, O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? and WHAT DREAMS MAY COME. He also edited commercials for American Express, Coca-Cola and other accounts. Additionally, he managed Digital Domain's editorial department for a period. After leaving Digital Domain in 2000, Doolittle worked for two years as a freelance editor, earning credits on several short films and broadcast television assignments, including a graphics package for ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT.

Doolittle described joining Company 3 as an opportunity to participate in a revolution sweeping the film industry. "The digital intermediate process is going to change forever the way films are posted and prepared for distribution," he said. "Company 3 understands the impact of this change and, more importantly, has a clear vision for bringing the transition to digital to fruition. In joining Company 3, I am becoming part of a team that will play a key role in shaping the future of film post-production."

Company 3 Santa Monica, is located at 1661 Lincoln Blvd. Ste. 400 Santa Monica, California 90404. For more information, call Stefan Sonnenfeld at (310) 255-6600.

Company 3 New York, is located at 545 Fifth Avenue, 5th floor, New York, New York 10017. For more information, call Elisha Levin at (212) 687-4000.