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Comixology Picks Up Franck’s 'Silver'

Dark Planet Comics announces the digital release of its very first title, Silver, a 12-issue miniseries that marks the comic book debut from animation veteran Stephan Franck.

Los Angeles, CADark Planet Comics announced the digital release of its very first title: Silver #1, now available for download on ComiXology. Silver, a 12-issue miniseries, marks the comic book debut from animation veteran Stephan Franck (The Iron Giant, Despicable Me).

Set in a direct 1930’s extension of Bram Stoker’s universe, and steeped up to its eyeballs in the pulp tradition, Silver, introduces James Finnigan, a witty but (figuratively) soulless con man, who sets out to separate the living-dead from their silver. As Finnigan assembles the crew of talented but broken misfits needed to pull off the heist of the last ten centuries, personality conflicts, emotional entanglements and character comedy abound. 

With Silver, Franck brings the combination of light tone and character depth that has made him first-call in the animation industry. “Silver is about fathers;” Franck says; “It’s about sons. Sons who had bad fathers, and who carry the fear of not knowing how to be good into manhood. Ultimately, it’s about greed and emptiness versus the elusiveness of feeling alive.”

Source: Dark Planet Comics

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