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Comet Entertainment Signs Chilean Co-Production Deal

Comet Entertainment signs a co-production deal with Chilean based Atiempo.

Toronto, Canada -- Canadian-based Comet Entertainment Inc. announced that it has entered into a co-production deal with with Chilean based Atiempo to co-produce the movie The Eye of the Cat and the Latin-American TV series sensation 1,2,3, Let's Play with over 9 million visitors on YouTube.

Comet's CEO Raquel Benitez speaks enthusiastically of the deal: "We are very excited with this double-deal. Both projects are entertaining, funny and full of humour. They fill an important niche in the actual market. Kids will love them. With our successful track record in the production arena we are looking forward to working with them in their international expansion, bringing their creativity and talent to key markets ".

1,2,3, Let's Play with over 9 million visitors on YouTube is a huge sensation in Latin America. The lovable characters are favourites among children. The first season has been already produced and is being re-mastered. The production of the second season is scheduled to start during the summer time.

The Eye of the Cat is a feature film for theatrical release. It tells the story of Francisco in his quest to save his town from destruction with the help of magic powers obtained when an strange amulet falls in his hands..

Comet Entertainment Inc. is also producing Fun Farm an animation series in the Looney Tunes style.

Source: Comet Entertainment, Inc.