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Comet Ent. & Dachefa Audiovisuales to Co-Pro Adult Animated CoolCity

Toronto-based Comet Ent. Inc. announced today (Feb. 15, 2006) it has entered into an agreement with Spanish-based Dachefa Audiovisuales, SL. to co-produce the animated series COOLCITY. The series pilot will be introduced at MIP-TV 2006 in Cannes, April 2-8.

The nighttime series humorously satrizes the entertainment business, asking/illustrating such questions as: Where do celebrities go when their films are over? Where do producers go to find them and convince them to star in a series or pose for the latest line of action figures? Where do the celebrities yet to be discovered go to get their big break? What happens when a super powerful extraterrestrial trying to find himself after leaving Star Trex wants to be known as the lead in a comedy? These animated answers can only be found in COOLCITY.

The animated sitcom with lots of wicked, black humor for adults, 16+, employs digital cut-out techniques with an interactive component for webbies.

COOLCITY also offers a virtual community where Internet surfers will be able to use its designs and characters to develop their own storylines and characters within the fertile world of fiction that is Cool City.The sitcom revolves around the impossible friendship between two flatmates who only share the desire to be successful above all else. While Theo, the bear, is a cynic posing as an intellectual who denies his past as a child star, Ramon, the bull, is a brainless idiot who only thinks about parties and glamour and desires to be an actor just because it means being famous.

Of course, the day to day problems which affect these two flatmates are never like those of other cities. The neighbours could be extraterrestrials with killer instincts and acid running through their veins, the landlord could be an ex-Shao-lin monk ex-yakuza kung-fu master and an agent is likely a megalomaniac villain who cant stop trying to take over the world.

"We are extremely excited to offer COOLCITY to the worldwide broadcasters, said Comet Ent. ceo Raquel Benítez. With its spunky characters, engaging and funny storylines and fantastic animated look, COOLCITY is sure to be a hit with broadcasters and adults animation fans alike."

Weve put a lot love and a lot of dreams into offering a really original, really different product to broadcasters, adds Chedey Reyes, Dachefas president. Were full of energy, full of ideas and were not afraid to use them! The World is full of people who share our wicked sense of humour and they are going to have as good a time watching COOLCITY as we have had making it.

Comet Ent. is the producer of acclaimed TV series such as TINGUARO, THE SUN LIZARDS and is the exclusive representative of THE ADVENTURES OF NEVE & GLIZ animated show with the mascots of the winter Olympic Games underway in Torino (Turin) Italy, Feb. 10-26. Comet is the distributor of acclaimed Medusas feature film movies, such as AIDA DEGLI ALBERI and TOTO SAPORE, among others. The company is co- producing two feature film movies with the U.S. for theatrical release, including RUNNING WILD, and, with Spain for home video, SANTA VS. CLAUS, as well as an animation series also in co-production with Spain, SCULPTURE CLUB.

In addition to to being a communication/content development, production and distribution entertainment company with worldwide presence, Comets (, core competencies are in the creation, acquisition and development of animated properties. Its seasoned management team has procured significant co-production agreements worldwide and high quality projects with varied content. The company also has economic participation in other companies that provide complementary services, including Vitamin Cartoons Inc., a production services company.

Dachefa is a production company formed by a group of young, creative people in the Canary Islands (Spain), specializing in video post-production and courses in audiovisual production.