Search form Is Just For Men With New Online Game, MAXIM magazine and Combe Incorporated have joined forces to produce "The Maxim Player Generator Game." MAXIM magazine licensed its name to Combe, makers of the Just For Men brand of hair color, to help promote a new hair color line aimed at young adult men. To market the new brand, the companies turned to to provide an online animated game. Glenn Ginsburg, vice president, interactive sales for Comedy Central, said, "Combe was looking for innovative ways to market both a new product and product category to a young male demo. Through the Maxim Player Generator Game, we created an engaging interactive entertainment experience that thematically delivers Combes brand messaging. The campaign has already exceeded our expectations by receiving tens of thousands of plays in its first week." Developed by Los Angeles-based Unbound Interactive, the Flash-animated "choose-your-own-adventure" game invites visitors to cruise the Los Angeles nightlife as "Craig," who is on a quest to impress the hottest babes. Using the Player Generator, Craig selects hair-styles, pickup lines and MAXIM Just For Men hair colors, choosing from the colors "Black Jack," "Red Rum," "Bleach Blond" and "Sandstorm." Only the right combination will determine whether Craig gets the girls phone number or her nasty cold shoulder. After completing the game, players can enter the Maxim Player Generator Sweepstakes to win a 36" Sony flat screen TV, a Sony DVD dream system and SOUTH PARK DVDs. Unbound Interactive created the script as well as character and background designs based on Comedy Centrals initial game concept.