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Comedy Central Shoots Ugly Americans

Comedy Central has commenced production on two new pilots: UGLY AMERICANS, an animated project about an alternate universe in New York City that is being spun off from the original series, 5-ON and EVAN AND GARETH ARE TRYING TO GET LAID, a scripted narrative about two guys who work at a male advice website.

Take New York City, add every horrifying beast, science-fiction freak and fantasy faerie, shake thoroughly and you've got UGLY AMERICANS. The animated series follows Mark Lilly, a social worker at the Department of Immigration, as he helps new citizens both human and "other" adapt to hectic life in the Big Apple.

There are easier tasks than weaning vampires from blood, socializing land-whales and housebreaking werewolves, but Mark is up to the challenge. Between his stressful job, a zombie roommate and a demon girlfriend, Mark's lucky if he can sneak in a few minutes of sleep. But who can sleep when there's a drop-dead gorgeous mermaid sitting at the bar?

UGLY AMERICANS is executive produced by David Stern (MONK, THE SIMPSONS) and produced by Devin Clark in New York City. The animation is being handled by Augenblick Studios. Lou Wallach and Dan Powell are the execs in charge of production for Comedy Central.