Comedian Hughley Gets Act Animated

Joining the long line of celebs turning ideas into Webtoons, comedian D.L. Hughley is taking his edgy stand-up act to the Internet. The series, entitled LET ME HOLLER @ YA, will feature animated segments ranging from 30 seconds to 4 minutes from the comedians stand-up act. Unlike deals such as Kelsey Grammers with MediaTrip which gives the actor stock in the Website, @ YA is part of the marketing campaign to promote Hughleys sitcom, THE HUGHLEYS, move from ABC to UPN. Forty Webisodes will be produced by and distributed around the Web to sites like and UPN spokesman Paul MacGuire said, "Were hoping it gets all over the Internet." Hughley said, "Its like working in stand-up on HBO no limitations. Theres no censorship on the Web, but well give them a reason for it."

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