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Cold Mountain Selects Seagate & Rorke for Data Storage

Oscar-winning editor Walter Murch chose a Rorke Data Storage Area Network (SAN) containing 1.2 terabytes of Seagate disc drives for post-production editing on Anthony Minghellas Golden Globe nominated film, COLD MOUNTAIN. Reliability was the main concern for the system that was first built and configured by DigitalFilm Tree before being shipped to the film set outside of Bucharest, Romania.

"The Rorke storage system performed flawlessly during COLD MOUNTAIN's six months of production in Romania and eleven months of post-production in London," said Murch. "There were almost 600,000 feet of dailies (110 hours) and the first assembly of the film ran five hours, six minutes in length, which would be a challenge to any system. After many months of intense re-cutting, the running time of the film was reduced by half, to two hours, 35 minutes. DigitalFilm Tree provided expert consultation early on and delivered the perfect system that fulfilled all of our workflow requirements while working within budget."

Murch, along with his team and first assistant editor Sean Cullen, spent months prior to production discussing the various system options with DigitalFilm Tree. A Galaxy 60 fibre channel SAN from Rorke data with Seagate Cheetah drives was provided for the team's four networked workstations. The first two workstations were used for editing, while the third was dedicated to digitizing and synchronization, and the fourth for exporting files and storing the large media files to DVD.

Rorke Data is a full digital storage solutions provider with expertise in Fibre-Channel RAID, SAN, DVD, tape and optical libraries, Unix, NT and Mac environments, high bandwidth networks, and related professional services. Founded in 1985, Rorke Data, is a subsidiary of Bell Microproducts, San Jose, California, and is composed of four divisions: Medical Diagnostic Imaging, Digital Video & Broadcast, Digital Prepress & Publishing, as well as a Technical Services division. More information about Rorke Data can be found at

DigitalFilm Tree was launched in 1998 and offers post-production, creative and design services, education and extensive consulting for professional film and video environments. DFT's innovative offerings include digital dailies for editing, all manner of offline and online finishing, color correction and graphics, and a multitude of high-definition services. For more information, visit

Seagate is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of hard disc drives, providing products for a wide range of Enterprise, PC, Notebook and Consumer Electronics applications. For more information, visit

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