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Codename: Kids Next Door Moves on to Cartoon Network Latin America

CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR, an original Cartoon Network animated action-comedy series will premiere on Cartoon Network Latin America on Sept. 5, 2003 at 7:00 pm CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR follows the escapades of five eager, yet bumbling, 10-year-olds as they fight against the forces of tyrannical adults.

Armed with ingenious vehicles and equipment engineered with jerry-built "2x4 Technology," the KND operatives relentlessly defend the rights of kids everywhere by engaging in head-to-head combat with ruthless adult villains such as Knightbrace, the demented dental avenger; Gramma Stuffum, who maniacally forces meals on unsuspecting kids; and a ship of Candy Pirates.

Like any good team, the operatives in CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR each has their own distinct skills and personalities. Numbuh One is British-born Nigel Uno, the cunning, yet slightly overzealous leader of the group. Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr., the group's expert pilot and mechanical genius, is known as Numbuh Two and hails from the United States. Diversionary tactics are the domain of Japanese operative Kuki Sanban, a.k.a. Numbuh Three. The brash, impulsive Australian Numbuh Four (Wallabee Beetles) is a master of hand-to-hand combat. Rounding out the group is the team's other American operative, Abigail Lincoln, alias Numbuh Five, the smartest KND operative this side of puberty.

Award-winning animator Tom Warburton created CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR. He developed the Cartoon Network animated short KENNY AND THE CHIMP and served as a director on Cartoon Network's series SHEEP IN THE BIG CITY. Warburton has also worked with J.J. Sedelmaier Prods. on television projects, including SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK.

CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR has been setting ratings records among kids in the United States, since it debuted as a series in 2002. Cartoon Network Latin America will air the series Fridays at 7:00 pm. with encore presentations on Saturdays at 10:00 am and Sundays at 6:00 pm.

To promote CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR, Cartoon Network's Website ( has launched a cool new game, video clips, screen savers and wallpaper. The Operation S.T.A.R.T.U.P. game sends players through five levels of action to battle against KND's meanest rivals.