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Codemasters Ships Soldiers: Heroes Of World War II

Codemasters has shipped its innovative realtime strategy game, SOLDIERS: HEROES OF WORLD WAR II, to North American retail outlets. Developed by Ukrainian company Best Way, SOLDIERS is now available exclusively for PC/CD-ROM.

Were pleased to bring SOLDIERS: HEROES OF WORLD WAR II consumers this summer, said Marc Bennett, vp/gm, Codemasters. The games use of real historic scenarios, along with the plethora of options players have for vehicles, weaponry and command control, creates one of the most definitive World War II experiences available on the PC.

Combining the thrills of a 3D shooter and the depth of a real time strategy game, players must have steely nerves to prevail in 30 missions incorporating the actions and events of actual war heroes. SOLDIERS travels into the heart of combat alongside U.S, British, German and Russian forces, where players take chances in completely destructible environments to blow up railway tracks, kidnap enemy officers, destroy convoys, witness assassinations and work toward POW rescues. More than 100 accurately modeled vehicles and weapons with advanced capabilities, including track speed, acceleration, turret speed, reload rates and armor, help units flee in the wake of heated enemy fire. In addition, the games advanced A.I. allows for enemy attacks in formation, retreats, ambushes and assistance in looking for cover during an attack.

SOLDIERS: HEROES OF WORLD WAR II introduces a new control method allowing players to command troops using Group Control, with RTS-style point and click commands, or Direct Control, enabling management of individual soldiers and vehicles to take out specific enemy targets. With the inclusion of Cooperative Campaign and Death Match multiplayer options for up to four players, SOLDIERS delivers warfare on a whole new battlefield.

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