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A Closer Look: Remembering Louise Beaudet

January 1997 saw the passing of Louise Beaudet, a person who dedicated her life to helping the animation community define itself. Louise Beaudet was known for her work at the Cinémathèque Quebecoise in Montreal, perhaps one of the only archives where animation is considered a top priority. In her role as curator of the Cinémathèque, she more than helped fulfill that organization's special interest in animation. Louise was passionate about promoting independent animation. She authored a number of historical texts, essays and monographs. She also actively promoted international animation, through programs she curated herself. As early as 1972, together with Adrienne Mancia, film exhibitions curator at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Louise started to bring international animation programs to North America. Every year, with a "Best Of Zagreb" or "Best Of Annecy" as an anchor, they would program homages to filmmakers or present international animation -- including the Russian and Eastern European schools of animation, Japanese animation, etc. Although they were chronically underfunded, Louise and Adrienne continued to present their "Best of..." until 1996, when Louise's ill health prompted her to retire. Louise also started the Canadian chapter of the International Animated Film Association (ASIFA-Canada) for which she served as president for more than 10 years. In September 1996, ASIFA-Canada presented her with the honorary Norman McLaren Heritage Award at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

With the passing of Louise Beaudet, the animation world lost one of its greatest friends. Her kindness, humor, helpfulness and knowledge of just about everything to do with animation and its components around the globe were unique, and her presence in animation will long linger, proving one person can make a difference.

- A tribute to Louise Beaudet was published in the February '97 issue of Animation World Magazine: "Louise Beaudet: A Passion For Animation".

- The Cinémathèque Québécoise archive was portrayed in the October '98 issue of Animation World Magazine. In "A Frame By Frame Chronicle Of A Unique Collection: Animation At The Cinémathèque Québécoise," Jean Hamel discusses the wide range of delights housed in Canada's archive.

- For more comments on Louise's work, read Mark Langer's "Mancia Musings" in the January 1997 issue of Animation World Magazine. Wherein the Museum of Modern Art's Adrienne Mancia reminisces to Mark Langer about her past efforts in animation programming and her thoughts about the state of the craft.