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A Closer Look: In passing...individuals who marked their time

January 1997 saw the passing of filmmaker Renzo Kinoshita and curator

Louise Beaudet. Annecy Festival Director Jean-Luc Xiberras died a

year ago. Although they worked in very different areas, the three of

them shared a passion for animation, and dedicated their lives to

helping the animation community define itself.

Renzo Kinoshita was an accomplished filmmaker -- his major work,

"Made in Japan" won the Grand Prix at the New York International

Animation Festival in 1972 -- but he is perhaps most widely thought

of as being synonymous with ASIFA (The International Animated Film

Association). He helped found and nurture ASIFA-Japan, and, in 1985,

the first Hiroshima Animation Festival was held as a result of years

of tireless work by himself and his wife Sayoko. As such, he became a

vital cog in Japan's animation culture.

While not being animators, Louise Beaudet and Jean-Luc Xiberras

devoted their lives to promoting independent animation, the former by

ensuring that many films would be able to be seen by future

generations through her efforts as an archivist, and the latter by

helping films gain access to screens around the world

Louise Beaudet was known for her work at the Cinemathèque Quebecoise

in Montreal, perhaps one of the only archives where animation is

considered a top priority. She worked at the Cinémathèque Québecoise

for 28 years. In her role as curator of the Cinémathèque, she more

than helped fulfill that organization's special interest in

animation. Louise Beaudet started the Canadian chapter of the

International Animated Film Association (ASIFA-Canada) for which she

served as president for more than 10 years. In September, 1996,

ASIFA-Canada presented her with the honorary Norman McLaren Heritage

Award at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Jean-Luc Xiberras started his career in the 1960s as an organizer and

director of various cultural associations. He started as director of

the Annecy Festival in 1982 helping make the biannual gathering the

largest animation festival in the world. His constant preoccupation

was to further an art form which is a long way from rivaling in

popularity live-action feature films. In two decades, he created the

world's largest and most prestigious festival, building on each

year's success with only a small staff and his dedication to and

belief in the cause. His last victory was to establish the yearly

status of the Annecy festival in 1998.

Tributes to Louise Beaudet and Renzo Kinoshita were published in the

February '97 issue of Animation World Magazine:

- "Renzo

Kinoshita: A Talk With Miyasan Sadao Miyamoto," by Harvey Deneroff

- "Louise

Beaudet: A Passion For Animation"

Animation World Magazine published a tribute/obituary to Jean-Luc

Xiberras in our February

1999 issue, where an international selection

of friends, colleagues and animators gave their final thoughts on a

man whose presence in animation will long linger. Available in French

and English.