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A Closer Look: Macromedia Flash, Flagship Of Internet Animation

There is no doubt about it, Macromedia Flash is the industry standard

for Internet animation. It's utilized by over half a million Web

authors worldwide to create animated vector-based Web sites.

Macromedia just announced revenues of $94.8 million for the first

quarter ended June 30, 2000, an 85% increase over a year ago. With

these results, the company has achieved record revenue results for

the tenth consecutive quarter. During the quarter, Macromedia

released its newest product, Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev, a

visual solution for rapid Web application development -- the first

application to allow visual creation of data-driven Web applications

across industry leading server technologies. Also in the quarter,

Macromedia shipped Macromedia Dreamweaver Objects for Aria and

Macromedia LikeMinds eMail. Macromedia Shockwave and Flash player

downloads continued to increase. During the quarter, more than 180

million downloads were recorded, compared to 146 million downloads in

the March quarter and has registered more than 21

million members. At the same time, Macromedia, Inc. and Intel

Corporation have partnered to bring Intel's 3D graphics software

technology to Macromedia's Shockwave Player. Intel's technology will

provide a richer look to the Shockwave Player with multiple

resolution settings depending on the users' computing power. The

Intel technology allows providers to create smooth, photo-realistic

surfaces, cartoon rendering and effects that include smoke, fire,

water and vapor. The compressed Macromedia Shockwave's format will

allow narrow bandwidth users easier access to 3D content. No doubt

this new partnership will boost Macromedia's revenues and reinforce

its position as a leader.

AWN is expanding its coverage of this new, ever-growing branch of the

animation industry. The upcoming August issue of Animation World

Magazine will feature a number of special articles on Internet

Animation. Plus, in AWN's Headline News,

"Toon In: Web Animation

Guide" now reports weekly on what's new at the major sites such as

AtomFilms, Cartoon Network On-line, Entertaindom, Eruptor, Honkworm,

Icebox, Jib Jab, MediaTrip, Othervision, Oxygen, Romp, Shockwave,

Rumpus, and more! Each week in "Toon In" AWN will list other toons in

cyberspace that have hit our radar like this week's RenegadeCartoons'

"Elmo Aardvark: Outer Space Detective," Urban Entertainment's new

toon, and much, much more! "Rick's Picks!" for this week is Episode 2

of Exit 109 on and it is hilarious! The Webisode finds the

Hassidic pup, Moishe, ascending into heaven after being locked in a

hot car. The humor is just right, edgy but smart, something some of

the other sites should take note of. Rick's new pick will be on-line

tomorrow in the headline News. Stay tuned!



Fun and Games on a High-Flying Hub," Lee Dannacher

goes behind the scenes at, Macromedia's spin-off

entertainment destination, which is now defining the pinnacle of

Internet content with seriously fun Web animation and interactive


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