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Clones Crosses $100M

After debuting on Thursday, May 16th with the highest weekday box office ever, STAR WARS: EPISODE TWO "ATTACK OF THE CLONES" has already grossed $110.1M, becoming the second fastest film, behind SPIDER-MAN, to cross the $100M mark. While this second prequel in the STAR WARS saga has not posted the record-breaking box office numbers Spidey has, it is certainly earning more money faster that its predecessor, 1999's STAR WARS: EPISODE I "THE PHANTOM MENACE." That film took five days to reach $105M while EPISODE II, with visual effects by ILM, crossed the $100M mark after just four days of release. Web-slinging superhero SPIDER-MAN swung into second place, posting $45M its third weekend out. The film, with visual effects by Sony Imageworks, has taken in an astonishing $285.5M to date and looks as though it may be the blockbuster of the summer. Action pic THE SCORPION KING, with visual effects by Centropolis FX, dropped three spots to seventh with $2.7M and a very respectable five-week cume of $85M. Blue Sky's ICE AGE dropped out of the top ten this week, earning $1.1M for a cume of $172.3M. However, the CG animated buddy comedy may go the way of the wooly mammoth when DreamWorks new 2D feature SPIRIT: STALLION OF THE CIMARRON debuts on Friday. Box office information obtained from