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CLO Virtual Fashion Launches Marvelous Designer

CLO Virtual Fashion ushers in the future of 3D clothing with the launch of Marvelous Designer, software that produces realistic clothes for 3D models.

Press Release from CLO Virtual Fashion:

SEOUL, South Korea CLO Virtual Fashion announced the launch of Marvelous Designer (MD), a 3D clothes modeler whose professional-grade rendering and quick-click templates can take the pain out of complex clothing simulations.

Built on swift modeling tools and a mix-and-match layering system that can mimic all types of cloth variations, MD is how digital clothes get made faster. Speed features, like the ability to start from a template (like a shirt) helps 3D creators leap over the initial modeling stages that used to rob them of time and energy. 2D patterns selected from MD’s library or created by other users can then be form-fitted to a 3D model quickly for an appealing and adjustable drape preview. Each pattern is easy to manipulate; giving the designer supreme flexibility around final looks in real-time.

“Our goal is to help designers quickly make clothes that look and drape realistically,” said Seungwoo Oh, Founder and CTO of CLO Virtual Fashion. “Believability is what makes you stand out.”

One of the many benefits of MD’s physics-based draping technology is that it allows artists to sidestep a familiar modeling problem. Instead of artists being locked into the designs they’ve modeled by hand, or the details they’ve decided against, MD allows users to apply different outfits, details and clothing expressions to any piece they’ve already started. Think the top needs to lose the ruffles? Or maybe needs a new pattern? That’s easy to change; no new modelling, backtracking, or starting over required. This versatility around new ideas helps designers focus their attention on patterns and form rather than detail sculpting and do-overs.

“The functionality and interface of Marvelous Designer is extremely intuitive,” said Joseph Drust, Senior Character Artist at Redstorm. “Without even glancing at the Marvelous Designer tutorials, I was able to create a full dress in less than 10 minutes. You need this program if want to design 3D clothes at a professional’s pace.”

Key Features Include:

  • Intuitive Pattern Tools – Patterns can be created simply as MDsupports polyline, free curve and dart drawing.
  • Professional-Grade Renderer – MD is reinforced by an Octane renderengine that can create photorealistic quality output.
  • Support for Detailed Adjustments – MD can easilytuck, pleat, gather, iron lines, produce wrinkles and fold your digitalmaterial thanks to detail expression simulators.
  • Highly Compatible – MD can import COLLADA and OBJ filesfrom 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, LightWave, Poser, DAZ Studio, Vue and modo.Completed assets can then be easily transferred out of software.

About CLO Virtual Fashion, Inc. CLO Virtual Fashion Inc. is the creator of CLO3D and Marvelous Designer, two software programs at the cutting edge of 3D fashion technology. Based in Seoul, South Korea, CLO’s products are used by designers in the fashion, game, VFX, and education industries to create realistic, digital 3D clothes for their projects. Clients include Weta Digital, LucasFilm, Dreamworks, Ubisoft, Konami, Double Negative, and EA DICE.

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