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Clip Picks, A New Student Corner Feature!

A new section has been added to the student corner. AWN is now offering Quicktime movies of student and independent animator films...

A new section has been added to the student corner. For the kick-off, enjoy three clips from films that were in competition at this year's CSUN California Sun Animation Festival, including "Best of Festival" winner "Der Rabe," by Hannes Rall, a loose adaptation of the poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe. In Evan Spiridellis' "Evan's Tiny Circus," a micro-circus of cigarette-butt performers astound their audience with feats of daring acrobatics. "Snow Pea and Tofu" by David Donar relates the bazaar adventures of a little Snow Pea and some real tasty tofu.

Also in the Student Corner, this week's Must Read Articles are: "The Influence of Sound and Music on Images," where Baerbel Neubauer and William Moritz investigate the influence of Sound and Music on animation. The article includes nineteen Quicktime Movie clip examples. An AWN exclusive! In "Using Visual Effects in Commercials: A Guide for Success," the Ring of Fire Advanced Media Team suggests pointers on using Visual Effects in Commercials. Includes a QuickTime Movie clip of a commercial directed by Tim Burton!

For students, and seasoned professionals alike, AWN's Student Corner provides a fast, easy to navigate search tool that puts the depth and breadth of AWN's resources right at your fingertips. Visit AWN's Student Corner at: