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Climate Mash Makes Global Warning a Halloween Event

In celebration of Halloween, a new Flash movie CLIMATE MASH ( has hit the Net, exposing the zombies and vampires of global warming denial. This take on the song "Monster Mash" was recorded by original "Monster Mash" artist Bobby "Boris" Pickett. Clear the Air, the sponsors of the CLIMATE MASH, said a much higher than expected 99,704 unique visitors viewed the Flash movie 117,866 times since it first went online on Oct. 18.

"It's great to see that CLIMATE MASH is connecting with people in such a powerful way," said Angela Ledford, director of Clear the Air. "At the same time that people have some fun, they get a serious message and an opportunity to take action on something that is truly scary White House and Capitol Hill inaction on the growing threat posed by global warming."

The CLIMATE MASH website has generated 22,142 letters urging elected officials in Washington to take action on global warming.

"Global warming is a huge problem, and Congress is acting like a bunch of zombies, just sleepwalking through it," said Pickett. "President Bush is even worse. We are feeling the effects of global warming now, but even as these become more obvious, Bush just keeps fiddling while the earth heats up."

The Flash movie was written by Peter Altman and produce by Austin-based Horseback Salad. Austin comedian Kerry Awn provided the Bush voice impersonations.

Clear the Air ( is a national public education campaign to combat global warming and improve air quality by reducing emissions from coal-burning power plants. Clear the Air brings together grassroots organizations, national environmental groups, and policy experts to make the case for stricter pollution controls to communities, government agencies, elected representatives and the media.

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